Third day in Izmir

Today, alti eylül is my third day in my host family in Izmir.
I didn’t have the time yet to miss home.14199750_10154490174039246_6803981586432755870_n When we arrived in Istanbul on Friday, we went to a hotel together with all the other AFS’ers who will be staying in Turkey this year or trimester. We were only with 15, 4 of us stay in Izmir.
Sunday morning, we arrived in the airport of Izmir. The family’s and volunteers were waiting for us. Everyone was so friendly. First we went for a drink just outside the airport and people were so warm. I was only there for 5 minutes and it already felt like home. My mom even had tears in her eyes.
A few things were clear from the moment we arrived. If you think Belgians eat a lot, you’re wrong. Our first meal in Istanbul consisted of 5 plates. We didn’t know that, so I was full after the first plate.14215263_1249028931806291_803179985_o
On my first day in my host family, we ate lunch with the three of us. My mom is a very good cook. After that, we went to my sister’s friends. They are so friendly! But it’s hard to communicate since I don’t know any Turkish, people here don’t speak very good English. But that’s okay, then I’ll learn Turkish easier. My sister helps me a lot with my Turkish.
On the first day, my sister and her friends made me supporter Göztepe, a football team from Izmir.
In the evening we had dinner with my mom, sister and my sister’s abla. Abla is like a sister, but not a real sister.14256671_868081773327173_473214052_n
On my second day, we went to my family’s garden. I don’t really know what it is, but we had to drive a little and then we were in a garden with oranges, chickens and a horse. Then we visited someone in the hospital. After that, my sister and I went out with her friends again. We walked next to the water and sat in the park.
In the evening we went to family because a little boy had his circumsision. It is a muslim tradition. I felt sorry for him because he was crying because he was so hurt.
Today my sister, our friends and I will go somewhere with a boat. I look forward to it :D.
Till next time!
Görüsürüz xx


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