Week 2 out of 12

In the meantime, I’m already here for two weeks, time is going so fast.
What have I done this week? Uhm, I try to learn as much Turkish as possible, but it’s very hard as Turkish is nothing like English, French or German. But my sister says my Turkish is improving.
What else have I been doing? Watching a lot of movies and series. Fortunately I brought my ‘to watch-list’ with me.
We haven’t done a lot this week, we met with my sister’s friends a lot (in the evenig). We went to the sea with my mother, sister and her abla. We live 2 minutes walking from the sea, but we drove almost an hour to go swimming because the sea here is not for swimming. I asked my sister one day to do something, but here they don’t do a lot in the afternoon because it’s too hot they say. I find that it’s indeed hot, but for me that isn’t a reason to stay inside all day.
Normally, school in Turkey starts tomorrow, on the 19th of september. (It’s kinda late this year, because of the Sacrifice Feast. I haven’t seen anything of the sacrifices. I’m kinda happy about that, although I would have liked to see how it works.) But I can’t go to school yet because of some problems with the education ministery here in Turkey. I don’t like this, because it can be that I can’t go for another 2 weeks. I think I’m going to get a little bored. But my mom said we would visit some places here, so that’s something to look forward to.

I’ll end this blogpost with some things I’ve noticed here.

-Turkish humour is slightly different from Belgian humour I think. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. (A few days ago, I made my first Turkish word-joke, but apparently it already existed.)

– There are a lot of street cats and dogs here. I love it, most of them look lovely and the people here sometimes give food to them.

– Here in Izmir, women don’t wear hidjabs a lot. I think there are as many women who wear them in Antwerp.

– The best football team is Göztepe. (according to what my mother, sister and her friends say)

– Turkish teenagers (even grown-ups) use their phone all the time. I thougt it was bad in Belgium, but oh god, I was wrong about that. If people here wouldn’t have a phone, they would not know what to do with their time, I think.
For me this is one of the hardest things. I don’t use my phone a lot (here as good as not, because I don’t have a Turkish number yet.) and here people are always busy with whatsapp and stuff, so I’m sitting there, waiting till they are done. But that’s kinda stupid because they’re never done.

– Turkish people love to eat

– I almost eat fries every day. (I think they think that fries are the only thing we eat in Belgium.)

– They eat a lot of yoghurt here. A lot a lot.

– People in Izmir love the sea so much. Everywhere, in houses, on the street, in shops, on clothes, you can see pictures of ships and anchors.

– Everyone is family. Everyone is each other’s sister or brother. I find this very beautiful, but for me it’s still weird that everyone uses so much sweet names for each other.

– People’s reaction to ‘I’m from Belgium’ is 99 procent of the time ‘Aah, Club Brugge, Anderlecht, (even Racing Genk once!!), Eden Hazard, De Bruyne, Courtois, Company, Lukaku… Very beautiful.’

Güle güle! (literally translated: Go while laughing! What’s kinda beautiful I think.)



5 gedachtes over “Week 2 out of 12

  1. Hello Judith,
    Your father send us the link to your blog. We were asking about you yesterday at the baby-borrel of Emma. I am very surprised to see how well you wrote in the blog. The descriptions you gave about the life and the people of Izmir are interesting to read. We will be following your blog for more stories. For the mean time, success with the beginning of your school term in Izmir.

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