Small update

My first month here is almost over. I can’t believe this. It’s going too fast.

I’m still not going to school because we’re waiting for the minister to give us permission. I’m not sure how all of this works, but that’s what I heard.
In the meantime my mom sometimes takes me to a beautiful place, but it’s hard for her to see how much I want to go to school. It’s impossible for her to take me out every day, I understand that.
I can’t wait to go to school, because then I will finally be able to make new friends and be around people of my own age.
When I’m at home, I spend my time watching series (I finished The O.C. today) or films. This Sunday I’ll probably meet with Nayla, my Indonesian friend who’s also staying in Izmir with AFS. I absolutely can’t wait!

The hardest thing for me, here in Izmir, is the difference with my small town, Poperinge. In my Belgian city, I know all the places. I know where to go when I need something. I know where my friends live. I go out by myself when I’m bored.
Izmir is so big, it’s so easy to get lost. It frustrates me how I’ll never be able to know the whole city. Also, for me, everything looks the same. All those little streets with small shops and apartments look exactly the same for me. The traffic is also totally different for me. It seems like they don’t know parking lots here, you just put your car where you think is some place left. So you can drive hours (not literally) to find one tiny place for your car.
Another thing that’s totally different from Poperinge is that we go to the supermarket every day. It’s pretty easy since we live above a supermarket. There is another supermarket, Migros, right before our door. You never have to take your bike or car to get something.

I’ll end this post, again, with a few facts I’ve noticed.

-On the radio, most of the time, it’s Turkish music. Which I really start to appreciate. The first Belgian song I heard on Turkish radio was Howling At The Moon by Milow. My first reaction was ‘Woooaah mom, mom, listen, this is a Belgian song.’ But a few seconds later I realised I hate this song, but I sang along anyway.
I also heard Gold by Gabriel Rios once. I was singing along and the song kept playing in my head. Ten minutes later I realised which song it was.

-The subway in Izmir is really clean, compared to Paris. I don’t know about other city’s, but I’m sure Izmir belongs to the better ones.


-The past two mondays, I woke up with the national anthem. There is a primary school near my house. In Turkey students have to sing the national anthem every monday morning. I noticed that people stopped working during the national anthem, the moment it’s over, they start to work again.

I can’t wait to know what I’ll write in my next blogpost. Probably something about school.
Fingers crossed.





8 gedachtes over “Small update

  1. Leuk,dat je eindelijk naar school mag 👍🏼. OEF… Toen Kasper vertrok in 2011 is hij ook veel later gestart en ook omdat de minister van onderwijs niet wilde tekenen. Blijkbaar een terugkerend fenomeen. Laat je me eens weten in welk Lisesi je zit? En het volkslied wordt soms nog dagelijks gezongen. Kasper kent het nu nog grotendeels terwijl hij niet eens het Belgische kent 😄
    Güle güle

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